Practice Areas

General / Complex Civil Litigation

Landon began his litigation practice at large, prestigious law firms, where he developed high standards of excellence while litigating extremely high-stakes disputes amongst large corporate and government entities. Landon left that world to forge out on his own and offer his “big law litigator” skill set at rates affordable to companies of all sizes, as well as individuals. Landon created Bailey PLC with the versatility and flexibility to handle legal matters of all sizes, allowing him to provide the highest quality of legal representation at a manageable cost. Landon considers it his duty and obligation to represent his smallest clients with the same passion and vigor as his largest clients, and he does so without fail.

Landon has an exceedingly broad range of litigation experience. His practice focuses in part on corporate governance matters, shareholder disputes, and other commercial disputes involving contracts, business torts, and unfair competition laws. However, Landon’s litigation background extends well beyond complex business disputes. He has experience handling everything from large class action matters to small landlord-tenant disputes, as well as product liability matters, property disputes, False Claims Act cases, mandamus challenges to administrative and regulatory actions, First Amendment matters, and much more. Landon appears in federal and state courts throughout California, as well as arbitration proceedings and administrative hearings. Landon also frequently serves as local counsel for clients throughout the United States.

When clients come to Landon with legal problems of any kind, he works to find creative and effective solutions. Landon takes his clients’ biggest problems and makes them his own, and does not rest until he resolves them.

Prop 65

California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, known as Proposition 65, requires all manufacturers, distributors, and retailers selling any product in California containing one or more chemicals deemed by the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects to provide clear and reasonable warnings. Proposition 65 permits private citizens and organizations to issue notices of violation and file lawsuits against businesses and collect a portion of the fines assessed, as well as attorneys’ fees.

Landon advises businesses of all sizes on developing and improving Proposition 65 compliance programs to minimize litigation risk. Landon also advises companies served with Proposition 65 Notices of Violation, and represents defendants in Proposition 65 litigation proceedings in courts throughout California. Landon prides himself in providing high quality, cost-effective advice and legal representation to help a wide variety of companies navigate California’s Proposition 65.

As the owner of a growing business that sells products in California, I needed a California Proposition 65 specialist who is both reliable and responsive. When my company encountered Proposition 65 compliance issues in California, we turned to Bailey PLC and Landon Bailey, and were not disappointed. Landon was professional and efficient in helping me navigate the potential pitfalls associated with California Proposition 65 compliance and litigation. Thanks to Bailey PLC, I was able to resolve my issue promptly and get my focus back on running my business. I would highly recommend Landon Bailey and Bailey PLC to any business owner seeking counsel in Prop 65 litigation and compliance counseling.

Tiffany Spaulding of Triple-T Designs, Inc

Intellectual Property

Every business creates, owns, and relies upon intellectual property, but many fail to employ strategies to protect it and maximize its value. Landon has extensive experience advising companies on copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other proprietary business information on behalf of companies of all sizes, as well as individuals. Landon has assisted clients in registering trademarks and copyrights, and provides sound, practical advice on strategic aspects of developing an intellectual property portfolio. Landon has also represented clients in state and federal courts and before administrative bodies in litigating intellectual property rights. Landon has published articles and spoken on copyright issues, and was awarded First Prize in the Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers for his writings on copyright law. Landon understands the value of intellectual property and trade secrets in the modern business climate, and enjoys assisting his clients with developing strong intellectual property portfolios and defending their rights against infringers, as well as defending those accused of infringement.

Outside General Counsel

Landon serves as outside general counsel for small business entities, including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and sole proprietorships. He guides new businesses through the formation process, prepares filings, and advises on matters relevant to startups and emerging companies. For mid sized companies that are too small to hire in-house counsel, but too sophisticated not to have a go-to lawyer, Landon provides a wide breadth of quality, cost-effective services, and provides prompt, reliable legal advice on day-to-day issues arising in the normal course of any business. Landon can handle most legal needs of small and mid sized businesses efficiently and effectively, and provides referrals for any problems outside the scope of his expertise. For companies with complex legal needs and limited budgets, Landon is ready to serve.

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